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Tactical Rings

Tactical Rings

Ruggedly tactical meets ruggedly solid

Millett Tactical Rings are a lightweight, strong solution for the most demanding uses. Six cap-clamping screws positively hold your scope, no matter the level of recoil, and the base clamp holds the scope to the base.

Millett tactical rings are your answer to any mounting needs.

Item Diameter Height Finish  
DT00731 1" Low Matte
DT00732 1" Medium Matte
DT00733 1" High Matte
DT00734 1" Extra-High Matte
DT00713 30mm Low Matte Buy Now
DT00714 30mm Med Matte Buy Now
DT00715 30mm High Matte Buy Now
DT00721 34mm Low Matte  
DT00722 34mm Med Matte  
DT00723 34mm High Matte  
DT00724 35mm Low Matte Buy Now
DT00725 35mm Med Matte Buy Now
DT00726 35mm High Matte Buy Now